Jennifer Malave March 17, 2018

2024-03-24 | 21:55:34

"Great place. Carmen was very nice and professional and walked me thru each step she was taking to figure out why my a/c wasn’t working... after a couple hours I returned and was recommended to a great guy who delt with electrical since my problem was electrical. Carmen was great and even tho she didn’t fix my problem they still took their time to try and figure out my issue. Great prices good honest people."
brian bdiddy rodgers February 16, 2018

2024-03-24 | 21:55:35

"Grat service.... Reasonable price.... Will recommend this shop to any one....they give u a full break down on any work needed to be down.... The staff was very nice...."
Steven Bertucci December 9, 2017

2024-03-24 | 21:55:36

"I can’t even find the right words to describe the extreme satisfaction from their work and customer service. Carmen and her husband give this awesome positive vibe that you know your car is in good hands. Good prices too."
Jm_blends November 28, 2017

2024-03-24 | 21:55:37

"Friendly and very knowledgeable place. As well as honest which is hard to find now a days"
Jake Swett November 27, 2017

2024-03-24 | 21:55:38

"Great service done fast and cheap. Will definitely be returning on a regular basis!"
Anibal Quinones August 21, 2017

2024-03-24 | 21:55:39

"Nice quiet tucked away shop. Great work with integrity and character. Boy is it hard to find places like this anymore, with people that stand behind their work while not tearing a new whole in your wallet. I will be going back if ever the need should arise."